The Crescent

Are You Ready?

January 23, 1924

Final exams are almost due. Half a year gone, and with it many golden opportunities. We have loitered and played when we should been busy. Each year it’s the same old story, exams are too hard; why? Because, in slang parlance, we don’t know our “stuff.” Trying to crowd into a few short weeks Or even days work that should have been done months before is the loafer’s policy. It can’t be done in justice to our selves and others. We call it “getting by;” but getting by isn’t usually getting anywhere very fast; and we aren’t beating anyone but our selves. There is only one way to get an education, in or out of college, and that is to work for it.

-Taken from the January 23, 1924 issue of The Crescent

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