• A Sip of Fall

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    Oregon has seemed to think that it’s August for far too long. But fall is officially here and so are the fall inspired drinks! Normally it is easy to tell by the nip in the air and the changing of the leaves that fall is upon us; however this year, Mother Nature seems to have had a short in her circuits. Only recently has the weather begun to change, calling for warmer clothes and toasty fall drinks. One of the things that I love about GFU is its close proximity to several wonderful and distinctly different coffee shops. Everyone has a favorite place to sip warm java and meet up with friends and study groups, so why not review some of the featured fall drinks from each location? Coffee Cat has always been a favorite of mine, so I was very excited to try their Pumpkin Pie Latte. When I took my first sip, I was reminded of eating a slice of pumpkin pie and then drinking a cup of coffee to wash it down. I really enjoyed the drink; the flavors of pumpkin and coffee were very distinct to me. It reminded me of the smell that wafts up from carving a pumpkin during Halloween. The latte came topped with cinnamon, which added to the flavor to the drink as well. Coffee Cottage’s Apple-Cranberry Spiced Cider with caramel whipped cream was like taking a warm bite of delicious apple pie. The cranberry flavor gave the drink a little bit of a crisp and tart twinge that I really enjoyed. My favorite part was the caramel whipped cream; it paired with the drink deliciously. Think crunchy fall walks through orange, yellow and red leaves, scarves and sweaters, and staying inside wrapped in a cozy blanket. That is what I thought of when sipping this delicious toasty beverage. I highly recommend giving it a try. The Spiced Apple Scone also from Coffee Cottage was in the one day old sale, but still sweet and a sensation for the taste buds. It was a bit crispy on the outside and had real chunks of cooked apple in the center. It reminded me of eating apple pie crust, which is my favorite part of the pie. The center was moist and had the texture of sweet corn bread with pockets of apple. An overall win. As far as chai goes, Chapter’s Pumpkin Pie Chai was good, but it wasn’t my favorite fall drink of the bunch, because I couldn’t taste distinct pumpkin. It also had a hint of graham cracker taste, which might have been an attempt at pie crust flavor. Overall, for a chai it was well-prepared, warm and comforting. After going around to many of the local coffee shops and trying their different fall specials, I am fully ready for the change of season. Summer is over and fall is officially here.