• Major Changes Coming to Structure of ASC

    ASC recently announced they will be adding to new positions to the ASC Central Committee. In addition to the six positions already established, ASC is adding “Vice President of Commuter Life and  “Vice President of Multicultural Life.” These positions have been long overdue according to Jake Vanier, the current president of ASC. “These positions are necessary because they will be representing groups on campus who have traditionally been underrepresented in ASC,” says Vanier. “These groups can tend to feel disconnected and we needed to address that.” Four commuter representatives will serve under the vice president of commuter life and two multicultural and two international representatives will serve under the vice president of multicultural life. Supposedly, these eight additional representatives will also vote on issues during regular representative meetings. Outside of their voting responsibilities, they will serve under the vice president of commuter life and the vice president of multicultural life, respectively. After much deliberation, the Central Committee has decided these positions will be decided through a hiring committee consisting of current Central Committee members, next year’s Central Committee members, and a couple of faculty advisors. “It was the longest conversation we had,” says Vanier of the debate between election and hiring for the inaugural year. “In the end, we wanted the people who filled these positions to be passionate and qualified.” After the 2015-2016 school year, the 10 new positions will be voted on by the students of GFU along with the other ASC positions. Vanier is confident these changes will be effective for a multitude of reasons. “I think the reason this is going to work is we are starting now. Also, we are working alongside the ASC Central Committee of next year. The new team is bringing the ideas, and the current team is bringing the experience.” Vanier also mentioned possible changes could include splitting Coffin and Edwards, Pennington and the suites, in order that the distinctive living areas may have better representation in ASC. In a separate conversation, ASC is considering even more changes to their decision making process. Possible alterations to ASC could include a greater allocation of power to the representatives by allowing them to take on voting responsibilities for fund proposals. The hope is these changes would allow the ASC Central Committee to engage in more advocacy for the students  while also utilizing the role of the representatives.