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2013-14 Chaplains Share Their Vision

April 4, 2013

Two of our 2013-14 Chaplains, Tim Almquist and Shekinah Davis, shared some of their thoughts and their vision for the spiritual community on campus this year.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about being a Chaplain?

Tim: Besides getting to go on that float about thing, I’m very excited to get to work alongside a group of passionate individuals who care deeply about the spiritual vitality of the George Fox Community and the greater human community beyond our campus.

Shekinah: I am looking forward to deep conversations about Jesus Christ. I look forward to praying with students and connecting on deeper levels. I look forward to fostering intentional community on campus.

Q: What is your vision for the spiritual life of GFU this year?

Tim: I hope we as a unique and diverse community called George Fox University think creatively about how our everyday experiences involve a revelation of the Holy Spirit.

I desire that we would not trend towards a compartmentalized way of practicing faith in which our spiritual thinking is merely done at organized chapel events or our worship happens only to Phil Wickham songs.

I’m inspired when I read the words of Frederick Buechner in his book Telling Secrets. He says, “The Exodus, the Covenant, the entry into the Promised Land—such mighty acts of God as these appear in Scripture, but no less mighty are the acts of God as they appear in our own lives.”

May we be an inclusive people who take seriously the power of a grace giving God in our 21st century lives, letting his redemptive activity transcend all that we do and say.

Shekinah: My vision is that rather than SpiL being this house on the outskirts of campus/on Meridian Street, that it will be a dwelling place for broken spirits and students needing someone to confide in and pray with. SpiL has done amazing things on campus and I look forward to seeing the things that God will do this year.

Q: What is something that you see God doing on our campus or something that you are praying for Him to do?

Tim: Our community (students, faculty and administration) at Fox has such a special opportunity as I have noticed myself, to be about right relationships with people very different from one another. Because of our size and unique intentionality, we can get to know each other and learn from one another despite, for example, our differing tastes of music, ethnicities, academic directions, political opinions or theological beliefs. My prayer is that we would continue to keep relationships no matter how different we are. I have a feeling the kingdom of God is not a separating one.

Shekinah: I see conversations being started, about race, immigration, relationships, and that’s amazing. I think that God works best when we are able to dialogue about the things that trouble us or even interest us. I am praying that God will just restore the joy of His salvation all across campus. That he will reign down and fill Fox with his presence and that he will make us a community that is ‘naked and unashamed’!

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