• Welcome Back! A Message from the New Editors!

    Leah and Levi
    Hello readers! Your friendly (new) neighborhood Crescent editors-in-chief here with just a few words about your local student newspaper. It’s a brand new school year.  Out with the old and in with the new and other such clichés! But, the thing about a good clichés (how oxymoronic) is that they so often ring true.  The old class is gone and new class has just embarked on its college adventure. Hopefully, this isn’t you. Keeping in stride, The Crescent has a few new things going for it as well.  In addition to bringing back some wonderful people from last year, we have also hired several new faces as well.  Every staff is different and we are excited start working with this one. The actual paper itself will also be taking on some changes.  We are redesigning some of the aspects to make it a more pleasurable reading experience for everyone.  We have also dedicated ourselves to getting the website functioning so you, the readers, can find timely news online any time. We are also intent on teaming up with both The Student Collective and KFOX Radio on various projects.  Be on the lookout for those! There may be changes, but we are dedicated as ever. As the editors-in-chief, we have a few goals for The Crescent To chase good stories and deliver relevant news in a timely fashion. To make The Crescent a competitive news source on the collegiate level. To truly life up to the expectations as The Voice of the Students While we will be doing our best to work towards these goals all year, we cannot do it alone.  We need you, the readers, to help.  We need our readers.  Otherwise, we are writing for nothing and may as well close down.  Remember that we do what we do for you. We want you input! In order to truly be The Voice of the Students, we need feedback from you on what you think is important.  Have a news lead?  An interesting feature about someone you know?  Strong opinions on things?  Let us know!  We have an email address just for that reason: thecrescentgfu@gmail.com.  We want to hear from you because what you have to say is important. Finally, share what you’ve read!  Was there an article in the paper that really got to you?  Bring it up in conversation!  Was there an article online that you really liked? Share it on social media! Together, we can make The Crescent a publication that students (and anyone else) want to read. So, to the incoming class we say welcome! To returners we say welcome back! You are the readers, potential and otherwise, and we cannot wait to serve you the best we can.                                                                                                                                                                                            The Crescent Co-Editors-in-Chief,                                                                                                                                                                                                Leah Abraham and Levi Bowers p.s. If anyone wants to be a volunteer newsie, please do so.